September 26 - October 21, 2021

Level One Hands-On Healing Training

Online Immersion


(when paid in full by August 31, 2021



Your Initiation in the Healing Arts

Learn how to connect to your own super-sensing skills, learn how to work both hands-on with energy as well as remotely, and how to hold space for healing

Connection is level 1 of of the Kabira School of Energy. In this course, you will be trained in Kabira Energetics which is a mixture of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, shamanic arts, and Cat’s own magic. This immersion is created for you to discover your inner connection and finding your own magic.

Connection is level 1 is a perfect training for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and anyone sensitive or curious about the world of energy!

Discover how you sense the world of subtle energetics, the backend of what creates reality! Learn the power of trusting yourself as you discover how to see, feel, and hear in a new way.

You will leave with skills in how to:

Hold space for someone else

Practice a 60-minute Kabira Energetic Session

Have a whole new space of transformation sparkling within

Have you always wanted to work with energy? Did you know that everyone has their own unique energy field? Are you ready for an initiation in your hands and supersenses?

Designed for sensitives wanting to learn how to work with the healing energy of others while also understanding your own energy system. Discover your own unique way of working with energy in a way that’s safe, clear, and powerful.

This level one training is part of the Kabira School of Energy: which is both a standalone course and one where you can get certified as a Kabira Energetics Practitioner. Kabira Energetics: derived from 24 years of practice, experience and study: biodynamic craniosacral therapy, the shamanic arts, somatic experiencing, spiritual psychology, and Cat’s personal magic. An upleveling for you in your world of energy and in how you embody yourself in your whole life.

The wisdom of the universe and healing:

We are all unique in how we perceive energy AND everyone’s system is a unique universe that we get to meet as well! This is the time to discover how to meet someone in a clear and sacred way and to see how we all can tap into Source or “The Field”, and that there’s a much greater power and intelligence carrying us.

During this week, we will…

Explore the concept of boundaries and how to keep them clear

Learn the power of neutrality

Practice witnessing, and listening

Learn how to enter the Field

Experience what it’s like to drop into the undercurrents

Discover what healthy flow feels like in yourself and others

Understand your own center

…and much more!


(when paid in full by August 31, 2021



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The Kabira School of Energy is accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association, IEHA. Once certified as a Kabira Energetics practitioner, you can become a member of IEHA and enjoy the benefits that IEHA has to offer for a discounted price.

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The Kabira School of Energy, Cat Kabira and her team are not legally responsible for any work carried out by students.

You’ll receive a manual for the course. All levels welcome.

Energy 101 Video Series plus 20 hours of practice sessions and one on one work with Cat Kabira are a pre-requisite for receiving certification.

"I came to the course curious about energy. I had no idea the shift in my own life that would happen in such a short and profound time.

I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me."

- Natalie, Melbourne

"For me energy was something theoretical. I trained as an astrologer and had already attended many courses over the decades. After this course, something clicked. I finally feel I'm able to get my head out of the material world into higher realms. Energy and magic is real! How beautiful. Thank you Cat."

- Elisabeth, Austria

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