November 21 – December 17, 2021

Advanced Energy Healing

Online Training

Online Immersion

Advanced Energy Training

You are ready to take your healing awareness to the next level and are joined by a group of 9 other students who are equally committed.

This is your space to refine your skills and allow a deeper knowing of your supersenses to come through. You’re already familiar and comfortable with grounding and boundaries (and also ready for new layers to come through). You are able to listen without interfering and understand the power of staying neutral.

Going Deeper (Level 2 in the Kabira School of Energy)is a perfect training for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and anyone interested in becoming certified in Energy Healing.

What you’re ready for:

An uplevel in your supersenses

The power of words and when/how to speak

How to mindfully work with someone who’s had trauma

Understanding entities

Working with Ancestors

Space Clearing

Understanding Cords

Working in inter-dimensional time

Refinement in working with the head and facial anatomy (more emphasis during the in-person course)

Evolving your remote healing sessions

Exploring parallel lifelines

Since Connection is your activation of the feminine, in this course we do get to question, “Is there an appropriate time “to do.” And if so, when would that be? And what’s the delicate nuance?

This is also your space to deepen your own self-awareness with your energy body. You already know that to do hold space for another, you need to understand yourself and you’re ready for meeting deeper layers within you.

Get ready for your next evolution.

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The Kabira School of Energy is accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association, IEHA. Once certified as a Kabira Energetics practitioner, you can become a member of IEHA and enjoy the benefits that IEHA has to offer for a discounted price.

Learn more at: https://www.internationaleha.org


The Kabira School of Energy, Cat Kabira and her team are not legally responsible for any work carried out by students.

You’ll receive a manual for the course. All levels welcome.

Connections Level 1, Energy 101 Video Series plus 20 hours of practice sessions, including a Feedback Session with Cat are prerequisites for receiving Certification.

"I came to the course curious about energy. I had no idea the shift in my own life that would happen in such a short and profound time.

I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me."

- Natalie, Melbourne

"For me energy was something theoretical. I trained as an astrologer and had already attended many courses over the decades. After this course, something clicked. I finally feel I'm able to get my head out of the material world into higher realms. Energy and magic is real! How beautiful. Thank you Cat."

- Elisabeth, Austria

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