May 17 - June 26, 2021

Understanding Your Own Energy Body



A Six-Week Deep Dive into Understanding Your Own Energy Body

"Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you" - Sartre

Discover how your own subtle body creates and reflects your whole world!

One of my greatest passions is empowering you to understand how to support and know yourself - especially on an energetic level. We live in a society of continual input that requires discernment and there’s an endless barrage of gurus, experts and authorities who all claim to know what’s best for you. You know that wisdom lies within YOU.

Each week you’ll receive your lesson, homework and practices to connect with your energy body.

We also meet together on a live call to do energy work and journey deeper together.

You’ll refine your own “supersenses,” how to know your own field and journey through your chakras. Prepare for a true upleveling. I encourage you to attend the live sessions as much as you can since we will be doing energy work then.

This course is tailored to you and your energy field.

What if only you can know what’s best for you?

And if so, what blocks you from your power?

Discover how your own energy field is unique.

How do you respect it and understand when you’re in resonance with yourself?

Know what grounding truly feels like and why you “leave” yourself. How to manage overwhelm.

Own your boundaries in a whole new way.

No more leaking of your power.

The power of boundaries with an open heart and how to work with grief

Clear blockages from your voice and step in as Creator.

And much much more!

Join me on this exquisite journey.

Any questions? Happy to help!

Need more details? Love to chat with you!


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The Kabira School of Energy is accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association, IEHA. Once certified as a Kabira Energetics practitioner, you can become a member of IEHA and enjoy the benefits that IEHA has to offer for a discounted price.

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