July 25 - September 19, 2021

9 Week Online Immersion

Eating Disorder

Breakthrough Support

Early Bird Pricing $3,233USD

Yoga For Eating Disorders Online Immersion

This Yoga For Eating Disorders intensive is your way to step beyond your eating disorder.

I’ve realized now that my disorder was a gift to waking up and step into the life I really want. I spent 20 years desperate to find a way to heal.

I made a few mistakes and know now what works – and what doesn’t. There is a path. I know you don’t have to suffer anymore with this. I’d love to show you your way through.

These twelve weeks are a way for you to be accountable with a group of women who share similar struggles. Everyone here has already done some work with herself and is ready to go deeper into what’s really going on with her relationship with food. This is your place to work on a subtle energetic level with yourself and make the shift that you need to make to break free.

You’ll have ample support and upleveling with our weekly group session AND your weekly private session with Cat.

Yoga For Eating Disorders Online is your space to:

Discover what’s really going on and why you still struggle

Work on an energetic level with these patterns

Unravel the ancestral/generational imprints that might be affecting you

Learn how to feel your emotions in a way that helps you

Heal the old pain that still is affecting you

Understand your triggers so that you shorten your regression time and

eventually stop regressing

Step into the life you want to create: Improve your career, your health, self-

image, relationships and begin to choose YOU

Love your body, your relationship with food and move into thriving on this


Each week will have a topic and practices to help you step forward.

I created this eating disorder support program for you, because I know what we first choose to use as freedom can end up being another prison.

My spiritual practices went from something that opened up a whole new world to another way to restrict the true essence of who I am. We are so skillful, in how our past or current history as gymnasts, dancers, overachievers and perfectionists to find ways to stay rigid.

That old pain and trauma, especially sexual trauma, can echo in our system; we want to get it out yet we don’t know how. While sometimes there seems to be a greater force that controls us, it’s time to find the force within us that can set us free.

So if you’re ready to heal your eating disorder, ready for your freedom, if you’re ready for your power and if you’re ready to live life – join this Yoga for Eating Disorders Training: Your commitment that will open up the world to you in a more expansive way and you get to come home to yourself again.

Power of Pleasure - 9 Week Online Immersion

Eating Disorder Breakthrough Support

July 25 - September 19, 2021

Early Bird Pricing $3,233USD

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The Kabira School of Energy is accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association, IEHA. Once certified as a Kabira Energetics practitioner, you can become a member of IEHA and enjoy the benefits that IEHA has to offer for a discounted price.

Learn more at: https://www.internationaleha.org


The Kabira School of Energy, Cat Kabira and her team are not legally responsible for any work carried out by students.


While 200 hour certification is not required, we do expect a certain level of stability, emotional maturity, commitment, and self-awareness, in order for you to dive fully into this training.

For those of you who have already completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance training, you may find that both of these trainings will take your personal practice, awareness and teaching abilities to a much deeper level.

No “advanced asana”

In terms of the physical aspect of these trainings, there will be no “ advanced asana ” in a gymnastic sense. When we do movement it will be exploratory: an ownership of personal space and most importantly, the invitation to fulfil your deepest embodiment.

"I came to the course curious about energy. I had no idea the shift in my own life that would happen in such a short and profound time.

I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me."

- Natalie, Melbourne

"For me energy was something theoretical. I trained as an astrologer and had already attended many courses over the decades. After this course, something clicked. I finally feel I'm able to get my head out of the material world into higher realms. Energy and magic is real! How beautiful. Thank you Cat."

- Elisabeth, Austria

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